I’m an idea person and get excited about a lot! So in order for me to turn one of my mastermind ideas into a reality I have to really get serious about my intention. Because otherwise it is just a thought.

IntentionIn order to get clear on your intention, you need to think about an end goal…What do you want to accomplish…Do you want this idea to become a source of income…a business, etc? I set my intention for each day, each event, and for every activity. Setting your intention prior to something automatically gets your mind right. You are putting yourself into a positive light that will transmit into everything you do.

Each day I wake up and give intention to the morning by saying a mantra to myself…I may sound cheesy to some but starting your day on the right foot is imperative to having a successful day. Before you put your feet on the ground say aloud something that resonates with you, with your meaning, with your goals. My mantra lately seems to be ” I am strong, I am beautiful, and I can do ANYTHING and be ANYTHING my heart desires.” I also thank God for all that he has provided and will provide me. Realizing that he has a hand in everything I accomplish makes me realize that I am never alone and always encouraged wit his love.

Intention also translates into larger long term goals that can be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, career based, or relationship. So in order for you to reach that goal you need to create opportunity for yourself that will bring that goal to reality. I picked up this amazing tip off #TheModelHealthShow, an amazing podcast! sing the acronym SMART.


  1. Smart – is what you want something that can make a difference in your life or someone else? For example…do you have an idea for a product? If you do does is solve a problem? is there anything like it out there? Could it make our lives easier?
  2. Measurable – do you have anything to compare or measure your idea to?
  3. Action – Think about your steps. Write them down! It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in the right order just write them down. You can organize your thoughts once they go from your head to your paper. Take an action step everyday to get closer to that goal. If you need to make a call to someone to find out if there is a patent standing on a product or if there is a website called…bliss.com then do what you need to do to get those answers.
  4. Realistic – You can still think big and be realistic as long as you have a step by step plan. The key is to take steps each day toward that end goal.
  5. Time sensitive – you have to set a date. Get out your calendar and give yourself deadlines for eat step of that goal. Mark it down and stick to it! Even take it a step further and have someone take the role of being an accountability partner for you.

I discovered as of recently something called mind mapping. Mind mapping is a way for you to get your thoughts out of your head and onto something more tangible. You don’t have to have an app or a computer to do this, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. You can use a mind map for anything and everything and it can continuously be added on to.

First: Start with a central idea and draw a circle around it.

Second: Draw a branch, arrow, or line out to another bubble and add a secondary part of that main idea.



Be as creative as you want. You can break out the markers or colored pencils and have fun brainstorming! I did find an app that I would recommend for those like to eliminate mess and helps you keep track of all your mind maps! It’s called imindmap. Its free to download and you an also put on your phone.

So get started and don’t hod back! You should be fearless about your future! Don’t let anyone tell you can’t or that your ideas don’t matter because one day when those people are stuck in a monotanous desk job you will be making moves, you’ll be happy, and successful!

Surround yourself with happy, positive, encouraging friends and family that will lift you up not tear you down.

So what are you waiting for?!!! Get clear on your intention!

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