Intermittent fasting

Several studies show that fasting can reduce inflammation, reduce your insulin level, oxidative stress, and increase HGH human growth hormone.You hear so many people talk about mental clarity and how amazing they feel after fasting for 36-48 hours. The reason they feel so amazing is because the bodies natural response to not eating sends it into a starvation mode and searches for food. So what happens is the body flushes your system with adrenaline and noradreline which gives you incredible energy and mental clarity. Thus, your BMR, your basal metabolic rate goes up boosting your metabolism.

Working out while fasting

You may have heard people talk about cardio fasting or working out in a fasted state. These concepts have some great benefits for boosting your metabolism and tapping into energy straight from your fat storage. I know I get a better workout in the morning when I do HIIT training in a fasted state. I run faster, and can go for long periods of time. I tap into my fat storage for energy.

What to eat after fasting?

Well, in order to truly see good result like anything it’s important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You shouldn’t just eat ice cream and pizza. Pairing a Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting is great for fat loss and improving energy. load up on full fat coconut oils (MCT), avocados, macadamia nuts, bacon, butter, veggies and good proteins.
A Ketogenic diet focuses on good high fats, lots of veggies and proteins, with only about 50 grams of carbs at max. A ketogenic diet fuels your body with fat vs carbohydrates. Forcing your body to tap into fat storage for energy. Thus you lose weight drop excess water weight, lower insulin levels, kick cravings, sleep better, maintain your lean muscle mass, etc. There are so many health benefits!46647994-keto-food-pyramid-chart-nutrition-and-diet-infographics-vector-illustration-stock-vector.jpg

Cutting your carbs

Cutting your carbs down to 50 grams/day may seem extreme and it is…but you should ease yourself into it. Going from a standard 200-300 grams of carbs/day down to 50 grams can make you feel sick and super tired. Just like with anything it takes a little time to adjust properly to get your body into a fat burning ketogenic state. So many people go through the “keno flu” where you feel crazy tired and nauseous. This too shall pass just stick with it. Once you put your body into ketosis your body is producing ketones for energy. You no longer need to pump starchy sugary carbs into your body for energy.

Craving Carbs

When you go Keto these cravings will drop tremendously!!! You will crave those good fats instead. The thing about carbs and why we love them so much is that they are a serotonin boosting happy feel good food. However, they don’t make us feel great afterward. We have grown up thinking that we need them to be a part of every meal but you can get the carbs you need through fibrous carbs in your cruciferous veggies. They will provide your body with what it needs!
Fill your fridge with…asparagus, Broccoli, zuchini, kale, spinach, brussels, cabbage and stay away from the veggies like potatoes, corn, and carrots that have a higher glycemic index.

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