I’m a routine person. I mean I LOVE my morning ritual! I’m an early to bed early to rise kind of girl. I get to bed no later than 10pm and wake up around 5:30am. Even in High school I would get up and do primetime studying before I went to school. I absolutely love the mornings!!! I usually snuggle with Gogi for 5 minutes and then pop out of bed ready to tackle the day. I say my gratitudes and give thanks to God for giving me a wonderful life. I give thanks for my friends, family, and health.

fullsizeoutput_2205:30 am: wake up no alarm, I don’t like them. They always startle me and make me anxious and put me in a bad mood.

5:50 am:  I let the pups out, feed them and then start the coffeepot. I unload the dishwasher and drink water! I usually drink 12-24 ounces of water before my coffee because I know I’m dehydrated and the acidity of a coffee will hurt my stomach if I don’t put water in first.

6:15 am: I  watch the sun come up and the deer come out of the woods by my breakfast window and think about what I need to do for the day. Mornings are so peaceful and still and I have the most mental focus from usually 5:30-9:30am. There’s something so relaxing about the darkness and quiet. No lights, no cars, no TV or music, no one else up, just me and my thoughts. I usually use this time to read for about an hour, return emails, plan for work, or write while enjoying some version of a bulletproof coffee or tea.

8:00 am: Most of the time I like to get in some kind of light exercise just to get my blood flowing. I’ll go for a 3 mile run and listen to some kind of educating podcast. I may be a nerd but I love to learn something while I burn.

9:00 am: When I’m done I shower and make sure I have everything I need for work and my HIIT workout for later. I’m prepared with supplements and food for the day because I can’t leave work for lunch.

9:45 am: I head to work.

Last night was talking to a close friend and realized how blessed I am. I work where I don’t have temptations with food. I work by myself and thankfully don’t have to worry about staff bringing cakes, cookies, and junk food in to tempt me. It’s hard to stay on track if you’re constantly being bombarded with sweets and junk food. My advice is always say, “no thank you” if someone offers you anything,  or be “That” person who at work with the willpower. You never know, maybe your self-control will rub off and your coworkers might change their habits too!

I guess I’ve always had the mentality that I can always be doing more or making a difference this world and how can I do more if I’m fueling myself with crap. I can’t sleep, move right, or mentally focus if I’m putting junk in my body. I feel like we are blessed to be given this precious life by the creator and it is our job to love it and feed it with the right food, food that is emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally sound. So if you’re looking to feel better, accomplish something you’ve always wanted, and have an optimistic outlook on life then think about your daily foundation. How can you make positive changes that make a difference in not only in your own life but in the lives of others.

Nourish yourself happy and the possibilities are endless!


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