Why bother?

We all need to do it! Here’s why…our bodies don’t just need a break from digesting food but we also need to allow our bodies to detox environmental toxins as well. We are exposed to an amalgom of different chemical that can interfere with our operating system. There are metals in waters, carcinogens in your meat, pesticides on vegetables, parabens in your makeup, etc. Detoxing allows your system a chance to flush contaminants out and get back on track so your body, mind, and spirit can function optimally.

So I love learning about health and wellness all the time and one of my favorite podcasts is The Model Health Show. Shawn Stevenson, the host, is amazing and does a great job of breaking detoxing down for everyone to understand. Check him out!

What Kind of Detox do I recommend:

I am an advocate of cellular cleansing. There is a difference between this and a detox where you poop your pants all day long, which isn’t something anyone likes. Detoxing doesn’t need to be overly complicated. There are so many cleanses out there that you can do. I recommend finding something that you can stick to. You have to be realistic with yourself. If you buy a 14 day detox kit make sure that you can actually get through it. Set yourself up right. But I like starting with something feasible like a 1-3 day cleanse. This I can wrap my head around.

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How to get your mind right in order to cleanse:

My experience with detoxing is to be prepared. If you don’t plan accordingly, then it’s easy to fall off the wagon quickly. So get your mind right! Buy whatever you need in order to be successful. Instead looking at the day like..”OH MY GOD I can’t eat!” Look at the day as a day to de-stress, get healthier, lose weight, feel clear, and get on track! Here’s the thing you won’t starve you will be just fine! Also put yourself around people that will support you, not try to influence you to quit. When you’re done you’ll realize how easy it was and realize you have amazing willpower. Look at the big picture and think about what resonates with you.

Why are you doing this in the first place?

  • Do you want to sleep better?
  • Feel less bloated?
  • Clear your skin up?
  • Get rid of brain fog?
  • Boost your human growth hormone?
  • Gain mental clarity?
  • loss some body fat?
  • minimize stress

The list goes on….

So when I first started cleansing I really clung to the the mental and physical benefits. It’s hard to jump in 100% unless you understand what is actually going on. Once I knew what my body was doing it was easy for me to stay on tract. So here is the break down of what happens when you detox for a 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or more.


What happening to your body while you detox?

When you detox you don’t want to eat food that makes your body work, you want to give your gut a break. Keep in mind your intention and goal. Post it on the bathroom mirror, write it on your hand, find a friend that will detox with you so you don’t have to go it alone. Accountability is a wonderful thing. Detoxing is similar to intermittent fasting. When you don’t eat your body will go into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body starts using fat for energy and fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates. If you’re someone who binges on carbohydrates like sugar and bread you can really benefit from this. Initially it may be a little tougher because grhelin, that sneaky little hunger hormone, is telling your brain OMG I need to eat!  But don’t listen! Throw back some lemon water and shut him up! After about an hour that feeling of needing to eat will pass and your body will get a boost of energy and you will forget about being hungry. Staying in ketosis is optimal for losing weight, maintaining muscle mass, producing HGH, and leveling out blood sugar in the body.  I personally detox on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I find it makes maintaining a healthy weight really easy and it keeps the body functioning optimally. For each day you fast you will lose .5 pound of fat and 1-3 pounds of water weight. It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout so you can continue to flush toxins. Don’t be discouraged when you start eating again that you may gain a little weight back. Food holds water. Those who follow a ketogenic lifestyle don’t eat but 10-50 carbs so they just carry less water weight anyway. Just as a note, carbohydrates retain 3 grams of water per carb, so if you eat a higher carbohydrate diet and want to lose weight quickly just adjust your carbs and watch your weight change.

What does a detox day for me look like?:

I eat a keto diet so intermittent fasting and detoxing becomes really easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Once you’re in ketosis it’s pretty easy to stay there or get back into ketosis with a little bit of fasting. I’m a creature of habit and find comfort in a daily ritual. I start everyday with some kind of bulletproof drink.

6:30am: water! I will drink at least 20 ounces before I have a coffee

I might have a bulletproof matcha, coffee, or turmeric latte. My morning beverage has 2-3 tablespoons of butter or ghee and 2 tablespoons of brain octane and medicinal mushrooms. The brain octane and mushrooms are essential. The Brain Octane automatically helps you use ketones for fuel The mushrooms are adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that are proven to bring stress levels down and help bring the body back into balance. I use Four Sigmatic elixirs and coffees on a regular basis even if I’m not detoxing.


2pm: hot cup of bone broth (Kettle and Fire is my favorite right now!) 

6pm: hot cup of bone broth

8pm: oragnifi green juice mixed with water (this in an anti-inflammatory supplement packed with minerals and nutrients)

9pm: Bed

I don’t usually do more than a 36 hour detox because it’s not realistic for my lifestyle. Its easy because I drink lots of water, bone broth, and if I need to curb my appetite even more then another fatty beverage is great! Eating some good fats will actually help you burn more fat. I still get in some kind of low impact exercise like a yoga or a light jog. Then I’m in bed early to get some sleep. I wake up refreshed, clean, clear, feel like I can concur the world and it doesn’t hurt that my stomach is a little flatter!I prefer to detox on the a weekend because it’s easy for me to stay busy and not think about food.

What to eat post detox?

You don’t want to junk up your system with garbage food. You want to put quality easy digestible foods in. I like to have a good whey, bone broth, or collagen shake. You will absorb the nutrients much more efficiently and feel great! Then keep it simple with green veggies and minimal meat protein. Fish is easier to digest.

I’m no expert but through years of experimenting these detox steps have worked for me. It’s helped me get ready for a special event, get beach ready, and stay happy with myself through the Holidays.

Keep in mind, we are all different and you have to figure out what works for your body and lifestyle. Let a good detox jump start a healthier you. Give it a try!

You’ll find that when you cleanse your body your cleansing your mind as well. Nourish yourself with the right fuel and watch and see how anything is possible!

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