Beware… disease is on the rise in the United States! Our friends, our loved ones and even you, are all in danger!  To your disappointment, after years of study, a lifetime of experience, I’ve finally submitted to the ideal that the doctors and the hospitals are right.. Medicine IS in fact, the path to curing disease. However, it’s not now until you should know that the medicine… is FOOD!  The best prescription for your disease is likely the Super foods you pass up while heading to the Dairy section…

Let me share that the passion I have for healthy living, for helping others take back their lives comes from a visceral place. I cannot and will not stay quiet after watching my sweet Nana die from dementia. In fact, it scared me so much that I’ll do absolutely everything I can, to keep my brain and your brain healthy. If I’d known 20 years ago what I know now I could have helped her live optimally and she may still be with us today. Who inspires you to change? To do better, to be better? Think about why you want to change, who would miss you if you’re not here? Let that sink in so it can help you make changes.

Taking care of yourself in an unconventional way is stepping outside the box. It means questioning your conventional doctor, who on average only spends 12 minutes of time with patients; it means opting out of “taking the pill” to fix a symptom that you could fix with food {medicine}; it means being mindful about your relationships and how they can cause stress; it means treating yourself with the utmost respect, ensuring what you put in your body and your families bodies is the best! Only you have the power to make the choice to take control of your life. Make the decision to steer yourself in a healthy positive direction that will give you what you need to live a happy healthy life free of paint and years of suffering.

I know I probably sound like a health nut! Well I am! I’m that annoying cheerleader who is doing backhand springs at the pep rally! I love living!!! I love being able to go for a run without getting winded. I love looking younger, and more so feeling younger!  The truth is, you never appreciate your health so much until it’s gone. Saying bye bye to health as you get older doesn’t have to be your reality. All its takes is a little discretion, discipline, and most of all self love. When you fill up with the right nutrition, your body won’t crave the bad stuff. It’s amazing how the body knows how to heal itself with a nudge in the right direction.


One of the major disorders on the rise right now is type II diabetes. Right now in the United States there are a 100 million people who have or are pre-diabetic. Type II Diabetes has grown exponentially over the last 25 years, as 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic according to Harvard Health Publishing. On average it takes $14K per year to treat someone with type II diabetes. That’s half a million dollars you spend over 40 years instead of eating healthy.  The answer is not, “take this pill”…the answer is,  let’s show you what foods to eat so you can cure yourself. Just think if the healthcare industry really cared about getting you better what $14k could really do? What if…you could give someone $14K to put towards a health coach, exercise regimen, and groceries for just 6 months to a year? With the right plan, they could reverse their diabetes and make lasting changes! Sickness and disease doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect wellness to happen overnight. It takes time and patience to heal.

Don’t let healthcare, big pharma, or that little debbie cake at the grocery store control you anymore! Stand up for you because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Poor health not only costs  a lot but more importantly costs you your happiness.



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