Do you have any idea how incredibly amazing you really are? You are a miracle!

The human body is made up of 50 trillion cells that all have a specific chemical functions. They make up all your organs, hair, skin, nails, brain and blood. If you can understand just how many cells that actually is then you can understand how precious you truly are. When you have that awareness you tend to take better care of yourself. Our bodies know what to do when to do it, how to classify information, how to filter toxins, fat, and sugars, etc. It can put up with unhealthy habits for a long time before it begins to take a major toll. We are such resilient creatures.

Just to give you an example; your skin, blood, and bones are always regenerating. Every month your skin, the largest organ, regenerates and creates a whole new outer layer of cells. Every 28 days you shed the old and on with the new. Our skin has 3 layers. The second layer is the dermis where those brand new baby cells are created. The Dermis layer is where those newborn cells collect information. The information comes from the nutrients you feed them. So if you’re eating a diet of highly processed foods then your likely giving those newborn cells information from highly toxic foods. Do you think your skin is going to look and behave like you want after years of not taking care of yourself? NO! If you feed your body highly nutritious foods like leafy green veggies then you give your cells the information it needs to thrive and protect you properly.

Your blood is completely renewed every 3 months. It carries oxygen throughout your body. The blood in your body is similar to a highway with a lot of traffic on it. If you eat vegetables, good fats, good sources of proteins free of extra hormones and antibiotics then every car on that highway drives harmoniously. If you don’t eat green veggies, or choose to not pay attention to the meats you’re eating, eat fats that your body doesn’t recognize then that highway can grow narrow and and you will have lot’s road rage and car crashes for sure! Healthy fats reduce your LDL (the bad cholesterol), eating organic hormone free meats helps keep your hormones in balance. vegfru

Like our skin and blood, our bones create the bodies structural foundation. You wouldn’t feel safe in a home built with a cracked foundation would you? No! Just like a house the body needs a proper structure to withstand the elements.  The bones are rebuilt every 10 years. Therefore, it’s essential to get the proper amounts of  calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Without these building blocks your bones and bone density can’t keep you standing and upright for the duration of your life without some significant problems. In the early years of life it is especially important to make good choices for development. Highly processed foods do nothing for a strong foundation and are void of the necessary vitamins. Too much caffeine can be a culprit in malabsorption. 49564-just-love-yourself

So you can see how amazing you are! Don’t just recognize it, love yourself enough to cultivate the best body for the best future. Your quality of life matters. Choose quality foods for a quality life. We are not meant to live long unhealthy, painful, dis-ease ridden lives. We are beautiful creatures meant to thrive! Surround yourself with good food, good people, and lots of love. It may be tough to get to the gym, stop eating that donut, or put distance between that friend and yourself who drinks too much, but your mind, spirit, and every cell in your body will thank you.


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