If you want to lose fat fast, HIIT training is where it’s at! They are the most effective, take less time, and give you the quickest results. Pair this training with a high fat low carb diet and watch your body transform!

What is HIIT training anyway?  HIIT is high intensity interval training. Short burst of exercise with short recovery. No gym required. Get outdoors, find a track at a local school, or look no further than your garage. Your HIIT training for the day could be a mere 20 minute sprint session or an hour of sprints sprinkled with some functional movements as well. Oh, and by the way, you can do this at any age, so no excuses!


Exercising may be uncharted territory, but in order to transform your body you have to make real choices. Big choices create dramatic change. Big changes will impact the rest of your health in pivotal ways. So what are you waiting for???

Getting started Don’t overthink it! Don’t talk yourself out of a workout. You won’t regret it. The body is incredibly adaptive so be patient. Make the commitment and stick to it! You’re not only letting yourself down if you don’t follow through. Maybe you don’t workout on a regular basis and you want to start? maybe you have a busy schedule and don’t see how you can fit one more thing in? But there are 24 hours in a day and 30-60 minutes of HIIT will transform the rest of your schedule and life. So what will you gain? You will have more energy, sleep better, think clearer, and have overall health benefits.

Total Body Workout 4 block circuit

Each of these blocks should be done 3-4x through each. So put your headphones on and grind!

Block 1: 

Weighted goblet squats


Weighted rear alternating lunges

Block 2:


single arm ground to overhead


Block 3:

suitcase cross squats

weighted jack press

crunch and punch

Block 4:

switch lunges

inchworm with push up

weighted bridge press






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