Cheddar Cheese Chips & Guacamole

Sub the Cheddar Chips for the corn chips! Keto all the way!


Upgrade your morning with Matcha!

I love my coffee and don't plan on giving it up but adding this green tea to your healthy routine is a must try! There are so many healthy benefits to drinking a matcha that by far surpass a regular cup o' joe. No clue what matcha is? No worries, I had no clue either until my foodie… Continue reading Upgrade your morning with Matcha!


So what’s up with Detoxing !

Why bother? We all need to do it! Here's why...our bodies don't just need a break from digesting food but we also need to allow our bodies to detox environmental toxins as well. We are exposed to an amalgom of different chemical that can interfere with our operating system. There are metals in waters, carcinogens… Continue reading So what’s up with Detoxing !

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Savoring the last bit of Summer

Homemade Ricotta Yesterday I saw these beautiful tomatoes at the store and just had to buy them! One of my favorite recipes that is so great for Summer but really can be enjoyed anytime of the year is homemade ricotta. This recipe takes all of 30-40 minutes to make and it's out of this world.… Continue reading Savoring the last bit of Summer


Cul de sac Crusher

No gym needed


How Do You Start Your day?

I'm a routine person. I mean I LOVE my morning ritual! I'm an early to bed early to rise kind of girl. I get to bed no later than 10pm and wake up around 5:30am. Even in High school I would get up and do primetime studying before I went to school. I absolutely love… Continue reading How Do You Start Your day?


The perfect snack bomb to fuel your health!

What is Cacao and Where does it come from? The cacao tree is native to Central America and parts of Mexico. Ancient civilizations have been indulging in raw cacao for over 5000 years! Prior to the Spanish conquest this amazing spice It was used as a mode of currency. In 1753 the Swedish scientist,Carl Linnaeus,… Continue reading The perfect snack bomb to fuel your health!